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One of the prettiest moths I've ever seen. I could use this Asian Luna Moth as color palette inspiration!


HantsMoths: the moths of Hampshire, England: Oleander Hawk-moth Daphnis nerii

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earth-song: “ A Small Elephant Hawk-moth - Deilephila porcellus. by Igor Siwanowicz ”

Madagascan Moon Moth

Comet moth, Argema mittrei, one of the most beautiful moths in the world. The Comet moth or Madagascan Moon Moth, is named after its long red 'tails'.

Moth #eyes

Moths hide from predators by looking like another animal

supermsmoon:  possit-de-tenebris:  @f-h-l-an-a-flutterby @supermsmoon @naughtypiggy  Beautiful ~ Thank You @possit-de-tenebris   ♥

Some-kinda Butterfly (whatca macallit) ~ Miks' Pics "Butterflies and Moths ll" boa

the leo is all in the mind

malformalady: Harnessed Tiger Moth(Apantesis phalerata) is a species of moth of the Arctiidae family. It is found from Ontario, Quebec and Maine to Florida, west to Texas, north to South Dakota.The wingspan is mm.


& Imperial Sunstreak is probably one of the most beautiful butterflies that I have photographed, it lives from Mexico to Bolivia, in Colombia from sea level to 1500 masl. Some of the butterflies of this family have some hairy tails that they move

Pandorus Sphinx Moth....there was one in my garage...I would have rather seen an axe murderer in there...seriously

Pandorus Sphinx Moth- Hopefully I can find this in Alabama!

Colorful Moth @Christina Childress Villagomez look how cute it is!

20+ Animals With Unexpected Colors

Rosy maple moth - The Rosy Maple Moth (Dryocampa rubicunda) is a North American moth in the Saturniidae family. Sometimes these moths become pests on maple trees.