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20 casas solitárias para quem quer ficar longe da civilização

cabinporn: “ Earthen cabin in Småland, Sweden. Known as “backstugas,” these cabins were common from the until the late The structures were often built between two properties, generally on.


22 Lonely Little Houses To Get Away From This World

A cozy little house tucked far away in the woods is perfect to do so! Just think - a cozy country house in a natural woodland setting, a rustic .

A backstuga (literally "hill cottage") is a Swedish language judicial term, previously used in Finland and Sweden, for a kind of rural cottages.

Rustic Interiors and rustic exteriors of homes. Get inspired and build a rustic home Inspiration  Hand Crafted Vintage Woodland House Rustic Home Decor If you're the kind of guy or gal then DIY and get a rustic themed room on a budget Designing and Building a Lake House, Dream Home, Love out in the Countryside Free Spirit living Share with me some Home Design tips, Interior Design choices for the home. There are so many reasons you should have a rustic House Get some ideas f..

cabinporn: “Earthen cabin in a forest near Gävle, Sweden. Contributed by Joel Kjellberg.



ξύλινο σπιτάκι στο δάσος

Cabins in the woods far away from this world