grunge style

grunge style *her shirt*

Go on a shopping spree with my best friend/ sister! Oh, how fun it would be :)

Ive never really had a REAL best friend. My whole life has consisted of moving around so much that I dont have enough time to have a best friend. Now im scared to because i dont know if or when ill move again.


Minusey gilet, Monki checkered shirt, Topshop jeans, Converse All Stars, Romwe sunnies (image: connectedtofashion)

punky grunge look!

punky grunge look!


flannel I think this is one of my favourite grunge trends. The tucked in shirt and high waisted shorts with some sort of oversized flannel or cardigan. It's perfection.

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As you see red loafers are grunge as well, who knew? Who knew this was grunge?

Band tshirt with a tulle skirt that adds a very different texture. With the classic hat and the round glasses she tops the look off perfectly.

The punk style tribe is still around but from it has stemmed a different category, grunge. This was really popular in the and even today and uses elements of punk style like leather, chains, and band tees.

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