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Elena Lyakir "black bird fly"

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Elena Lyakir- love her work! Just bought Black Bird Fly for my client!

Black Bird Fly

Black Bird Fly


Brown Art Print beige bird flying photography by CarolynCochrane

Loving moments, feeling life, finding beauty in our imperfect world.

Ingrid Art Studio. Birds in flight - four 5"x5" prints, via Etsy.

Birds in flight - four 5"x5" prints

Ingrid Art Studio by ingridArtStudio

black bird

black bird

Ornithomancy (modern term from Greek ornis "bird" and manteia "divination"; in Ancient Greek: "take omens from the flight and cries of birds") is an Ancient Greek practice of reading omens from the actions of birds, equivalent to the Augury employed by the ancient Romans and Greek too. Although mainly the flights and songs of birds that were studied, any action could have been interpreted to either foretell the future or relate a message from the gods. @Jess Liu zheng.wikipedia

freedom: house on Mango Street

Jarek Kubicki

Birds - artistic case for iPhone by jarekkubicki

Black bird, James Bolton

Bird with Cherries I James Bolton

Chalgrave in the mist at sunrise. Chalgrave, Bedfordshire. By Mark Burley

Chalgrave in the mist by Mark Burley - Part of a series based in Bedfordshire - capturing misty and moody landscapes in a forgotten County

birds of a feather

birds of a feather

Underwater photo series-   Erin Mulvehill | Time lapse photography + underwater.

underwater : erin mulvehill photography/ brooklyn new york

Ink Painting - Raven in a Tree - Mimimalist Art - Gothic Bird Sumi-e Art Print


girl, fashion and photography image on We Heart It

Snowflake Flight

Snowflake Flight, little flying bird on cold, blue, sparkly winter sky, snow bokeh, fine art nature photography

Photography- Bokeh,Snowflake Flight, little flying bird on cold, blue, sparkly winter sky


amazing pic :) how do u think?