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Os cientistas estão intrigados como um mistério em Titã, a maior lua de Saturno. Uma ilha mágica apareceu no verão da Lua.

Ligeia Mare, shown here in a false color image from NASA's Cassini mission, is the second largest known body of liquid on Saturn's moon Titan. It is filled with liquid hydrocarbons, such as ethane and methane.

Cancer wallpaper

From now through October, comet ISON tracks through the constellations Gemini, Cancer and Leo as it falls toward the sun.

The remains of a river delta on Mars. Multicellular Organic Neural Network Lives in Nitrogen-Oxygen Atmosphere 270 K - 300 KEats, Breathes, Thinks, Creates.

The remains of a river delta on Mars. Multicellular Organic Neural Network Lives in Nitrogen-Oxygen Atmosphere 270 K - 300 KEats, Breathes, Thinks, Creates.

Perseids Meteor Shower - Northern California

Perseids Meteor Shower, Milky Way 2012 - Northern California "The heavens declare the glory of God.

Stone Aerospace - submarine space probe for penetrating the icy mantle of Jupiter's moon Europa.

Stone Aerospace - A Submarine Space Probe for penetrating the icy mantle of Jupiter's moon Europa. There might be Life in The Oceans and Seas of Europa.

Annular solar eclipse at Tokyo, 2012. Yoshi Sekey

If you looked up into the sky last night, you may have witnessed an annular solar eclipse, when the moon does not completely block the sun, but leaves a fi

Planetary Rings.  #planets  #planetrings

Tranquil The surface area of Saturn's moon Mimas is composed of water ice with only a small amount of rock. Yet Saturn's resonances with Mimas, and Mimas' resonances with other orbiting satellites are instrumental in the formation of Saturn's rings.

Outer Space | The moon and earth from space.....

What Type of Planet Saver Are You?

Crescent Moon & Earth from space. "Quite possibly, the purpose of the universe is to provide a congenial home for self-conscious creatures who can ask profound questions and who can probe the nature of the universe itself.

Wanderers Rings of Saturn

Erik Wernquist’s “Wanderers” is a Beautifully Realistic Future of Space Exploration

The Milky Way - Airlie Beach, Queensland, Australia

The Milky Way at Wilsons Beach (near Airlie Beach) > Queensland, Australia (amazing photo by Jay Daley).

Erdaufgang/ 24. Dezember 1968

"Earthrise" is the name given to NASA image the "first jaw-dropping picture of Earth from outer space." It was taken on this day in 1968 by astronaut William Anders during the Apollo 8 mission, the first manned voyage to orbit the Moon.

Outer space

Amazing pictures of a GhostNebula! Galaxy Astronomy Ok, its outerspace.still wonderous


Unlike comets, asteroids are not characterised by exhibiting a trail, but there are now ten exceptions. Spanish researchers have observed one of these rare asteroids from the Gran Telescopio Canarias (Spain) and have discovered that something.