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264/365 Have a great day! Late one tonight as I just wasn't feeling it. It was one of those nights were I've wasted half a pack of paper God I hate these days when nothing works. Who else has these days and what do you do to overcome it? by ligatures


294/365 Supreme This should have been last nights piece but wanted to do it this morning. Enjoy doing these pieces in the morning as it gets me motivated for the rest of the day. It definitely makes a change doing something first thing rather than doing nothing before the day starts. by ligatures


Please and thank you! ☕️ #humpday #coffee #typography

353/365 Enjoy today But of a loose one tonight as I'm way too tired tonight. Also I think I will carry on with daily uploads once my 365 is up but whatever I decide to do there will be uploads whether it's daily or every few days! by ligatures

"I just might" Hand lettering by


313/365 Christmas spirit Fancied using the brush pens tonight as its been a while. Anyway anyone else in that Christmas spirit mood? I wish I was! for some reason it doesn't feel like Christmas is a couple of weeks away. I will admit I use to love having the excitement for xmas but this year it feels as though it's just another day Ignore my late night ramblings but I hope everyone is looking forward to tomorrow as its Friday! by ligatures

Surprise yourself. Day 237/365. #sparkletters #handlettering #handletteringtype #lettering #writing #calligraphy #cursive #doodles #ink #thedesigntip #designs #design #thedailytype #type #typeface #typedaily #typography #wordoftheday #photooftheday #quoteoftheday #365daysofhandlettering #quotes #inspire #inspirationalquotes #truth


330/365 Let it snow Would love it to snow here in the UK would definitely make it feel more Christmassy but also I just love it when it snows as it brings back memories. by ligatures

267/365 Hyperstrike Just a random pencil piece tonight was really just doodling and experimenting seeing what I could come up with. I enjoyed doing this tonight and will get it vectored sometime this week. by ligatures