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Have fun :) And this quiz is obviously for girls only, so sorry for any boys out there.

“If you remember this movie you had a great child hood hash tag #4sss  for us”

“If you remember this movie you had a great child hood hash tag for us”

Cameras, Camera

What a face!

Freckles are often found on people with fair complexions, such as people with red hair.

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Fulani girl in Tabakoto, a small village in The Gambia. She is another example of the many smiles that you will encounter all over Africa. Despite the very little that most people posess you will always get a great happy smile.

As I grow i will be alert to my inner voice and speak my truth and be in gratitude.

Today's picture of the day features a well light and greatly timed portrait shot of a beautiful young girl. I enjoy the dichotomy between the adult head wrap and the child-like expression. The colors are absolutely mesmerizing.

kid smiles

My Heart, so precious, I won’t trade for a hundred thousand souls, yet your one smile takes it for Free. ~ Rumi ابتسم just smile

Mostrar todos os dentes faz bem para a alma

this is happiness, someone else's joy and happy heart floods your soul, and makes you smile and be a better person. bring love and joy to others.

Happiness in Its Pure State / Felicidad en Estado Puro*-*.

There are no boundaries for happiness. No Language. No Age. No Gender. No kid boy Baby girl kid

Captured in time...

Captured in time...