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Amazon.com: Christmas/Birthday gift Giant Huge Big 170cm Panda/bear Stuffed Plush Animal Toy: Toys & Games

Christmas/Birthday gift Giant Huge Big Panda/bear Stuffed Plush Animal Toy<<I wish someone would buy this for me

Oh yes, this is my next pond fountain :)

Let It Rain ~ Rain down spout drain: DIY projects. could be made as an "over flow" drain for underground water tank storage

Woman Gets Pulled Over And Admits To A Murder.What She Does Next Is GENIUS - Seriously, For Real?Seriously, For Real? It is a funny story, but not a good idea.

Redneck Dream catcher

lol, This year's white elephant gift! Redneck Dream Catcher - This year's homemade Christmas gift has been found!

I like big dogs and I cannot lie.  (Giant Animal Pets)

Old English Mastiff and Great Danes! If I was ever to get another dog I want a mastiff!

i'm barry pathetic <--- that's a bee-tter pun than I could've thought of

well y-you're a bug who dies if you use your one form of defence against anything bigger than you! h-how pathetic is that! *whisper* -sniffles- stupid bee shaming for being forever alone.