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Art 1. Optical Design

the cool op art type picture how-to.

I think I'll try this- doesn't look too difficult. I do wish there was a pic of the final result

optical design 2 of 9

Art 1. Optical Design

Use thin Sharpie. Draw upward curves above the middle wave. Draw downward curves below the middle wave. Every next curve starts at a previous line. Alter the distance between the curves.

Art 1. Optical Design Künstler

How to draw Optical Design, cool!

Nice colloring idea

Adv Art-Optical Illusion using color

2 yo doodles and Mom creates art! Collaborative doodle project Use intro video from Ruth Osterman's youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeFm1sLx7WbXf3KDLY4fnYw

artist turns her daughter's doodles into watercolor works

I've done this project quite a few times, but this site has great in-progress pictures for my needier students.

Easy, fun colored pencil project- coloring is very calming and therapeutic for me.

Drawing with lines

Drawing with lines

doodle ideas. If you can draw it, you can quilt it. Practice! Just wish I could draw. Stick people don't get it. lol

Hand-Drawn Sketchy Notebook Doodle Swirly Design Elements Vector Illustration by

Art project: Colorful Optical Design

First draw wavy line vertically, then draw a single line horizontally (see right side of image). Fill the space between vertical lines with either a convex or concave line depending on if it is above or below the horizontal line

Art 1. Optical Design drawing. Use colour to express feeling or mood.

How to draw and color an optical design. Add an illusion of depth in the design by using colored pencils coloring techniques.

Tessellations - with sliding background one!

Rotated Tesselation: Instead of sliding the cutouts across the box, rotate to the next side.

Líneas y curvas y puntos

Wormies - Tangle - Cross contour line exercise - created via pinthemall

IES Art: Optical Illusions (5th Grade)

My fifth graders are wrapping up their optical illusion projects. I'm so proud of them and their hard work.


find new ways to stretch your art muscle!

optical drawing done with colored pencils. definitely trying this out sometime

Easier explanation for line design drawing and blend coloring with colored pencils -- Art Optical Design