Jessica Madorran


Character Design - Explorer [By: MeoMai] -This is cool ^_^ I really like it, I've been thinking about a turtle tattoo, and this is giving me ideas!

Tauro by Jéssica Madorran

The Baker by Jessica Madorran So it is official I have made the jump to doing freelance work full time…. I’m also taking commissions as well as freelance jobs.

Inspiration = Grasshopper by MeoMai on DeviantArt

There has been a serious infestation of grasshoppers around my work this last week.Grasshoppers literally covering the windows of the office.its kinda cool.also a little creepy .

Credit to original artist.

My Witchsona for Witchsona Week!(I think I’ Sorry, I don’t know exactly which week it is but I saw so many awesome witchsonas being posted so I had to join in!

Gemini by Jessica  Madorran

Character Design - GeminiA print of this picture is available on my online shop. ______________________________________________ Art by Jessica Mado.