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one piece franky chopper zoro luffy monkey d luffy sanji nami brook roronoa zoro usopp tony tony chopper Nico Robin gifs! i really loved the track for this scene this episode was pretty good~ jinbei mygifs:onepiece

Avec Nami LuffY est tjrs maltraité, pauvre Capitaine j'le plains "xxDDD " ~

Poor Luffy, he's like a whipping post for the rest of his friends.

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⛵ Capitaine Chapeau Paille et tout son Équipage ⛵ {SañJi ⭐ Nãmi ⭐ Zørø ⭐ BrØØk ⭐ ChØpper ⭐ Røbiñ ⭐ FrañKy} ~ Capitaine : Luffy Monkey D. ł Navire : ⛵ Sunny Thousand ⛵ ~ ⚓_Øne_Piece_⚓ ~ [✨GiF✨]

I find this cute even though it seems there arguing

It's always funny when Luffy tries to usethe captain card but everyone else knows that Nami is more of the captain then anything.

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‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 828 Spoilers: Will Straw Hat Rescue Sanji From Big Mom’s Pirate Group?

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ONE PIECE, Monkey D. Luffy, Comic, Portgas D. Ace, Sabo why why must you break my heart its not fair beautiful but painful will miss ace for years and years