glass bottle entry gate - Earthship visit

Earthship visit

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Minnie Evans, artista folk afro-americano, è stato il portinaio di storici Giardini di Wilmington Airlie 1949-1974, ed è considerato uno dei più importanti artisti visionari americani. Gli introiti…

una Cappella-bottiglia in North Carolina

Airlie Gardens in Wilmington, North Carolina. This is the glass bottle wall at the Bottle House at Airlie Gardens in Wilmington, North Carolina. The Bottle House is made entirely of glass bottles stacked with the bottom facing outward and set by mortar.

cool and crazy uses for empty beer bottles, repurposing upcycling, Bottles and mud are the materials used in this wall at an Earthship community in New Mexico Photo KMS Woodworks Networx com

Garden Bottle Tree Completed

the magic and mystery of bottles trees revealed, gardening, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling, Wine Bottle Wall via KMS Woodworks

bottle wall

Sustainable Sundays: Earthships

love this bottle wall, something to do with all my left over wine bottles Forrest Robinson. Maybe you can help me drink some wine!(Bottle Ideas Things To Do)

Glass recycling art

The Minnie Evans Bottle Chapel was erected by Virginia Wright-Frierson in 2004 at Airlie Gardens, Wilmington, NC

We need more people who think like this and start thinking outside traditional construction

Earthship: A Radically Sustainable Home Made Of Recycled Materials This is absolutely amazing! I want my house to be this way when I live on my own!