Crochet Matryoshka Brooch - Tutorial ❥ 4U // hf

Fancy making a Matryoshka brooch? Here's the pattern. Matryoshka Brooch (like the bigger Matryoshka, make 2 and single croch.

Great tutorial english translation too.

Sew a pin to the back of your flower. Put your flower on your jacket or your bag or your hat or…

Stins: This week I saw: owls!

A family of owls made by Stins. Pattern from Bunny Mummy here, thanks so xox bunnymummy-jacqui.

Crochet matryoshka

Russian Nesting Dolls Crochet Pattern

Red Heart's Sock Monkey Pillow (s)

Red Heart's Sock Monkey Pillow

Sock Monkey Pillow Pal - A crocheted pillow pal is a unique way for a child to have a stuffed friend that is also a pillow. This huggable sock monkey has an endearing personality and is perfect for child’s imaginary play.