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Mindfulness is not just about thoughts, but the management & creation of feeling states.

Positive emotions are the superfood of a broadened, open mind-the "steroids" of aliveness.

Negative emotions are guideposts. They tell you to move toward the positive.

The Mind tells the brain what to do, and the fuel of the Mind is mood and feeling states. We do not get what we want in life by living a thousand feelings of not being able to attract it. Our brain is bathed in the "feeling tone" of our lives.

Your brain's right hemisphere diffuses strong negative emotion & allows you to learn from it.

How you experience health and well-being is determined by how and where you focus.

Strengths and positive emotion work inter-dependently to create new levels of growth.

You are hardwired for gratitude, peace, joy, hope & love, your " calm & connect" self.

We have the choice for victimhood or freedom. Build the lean in your brain into the UpSpiral.