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Mindfulness is not just about thoughts, but the management & creation of feeling states.

Focus is a choice if we make it a choice. The power of our focus is largely defined by what we feel. Mindfulness of feeling states enhances focus. #upspiral

Learn to master positive emotional states nurture them & give yourself permission to feel good. Develop the mastery & agility with positive emotions you never thought possible. #upspiral

How do you talk to yourself about yourself? How aware are you of your thoughts & feelings?

The emotions you are used to feeling and the emotional patterns which you are used to, and in some cases even addicted to, affect both thought and feeling. Visit us @

We think our thoughts are all powerful while they are often simply the expression of our well practiced emotions anchored in the amygdala the oldest part of our brain. They're so automatic that they escape conscious control like an emotional "free fall." #upspiral

Half empty or half full? How do you see life? Every thought you think every feeling you feel is affecting the structure of your brain. You are literally becoming what you think and feel. #upspiral

Goal setting is the mind mapping the brain. CLICK LINK IN PROFILE FOR MORE.