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Superhero Angst: Andreas Englund’s Portraits of a Geriatric Crusader

Portraits of an Elderly Superhero by Andreas Englund

"Paparazzi" by Inspiration Brigade Member Andreas Englund

Superhero with tooth problem (DENTIST by Andreas Englund)

El superhéroe sueco de Andreas Englund

We've featured the realistic oil paintings of superheroes by Stockholm-based artist Andreas Englund on the site before, but he has since been creating


Not So Perfect Super Hero / Andreas Englund


even a super hero can have a bad day.

Incredible work by Andreas Englund.

Street Art

Canadian artist Aiden Glynn places cutouts of iconic characters from popular video games and cartoons onto the streets of Toronto, Canada. Some of his art is in Miami too.

Superheroes Living Ordinary Lives

Chow Kar Hoo’s ‘Heroes Next Door’ Exhibition Pits Super-Heroes Aganst Daily Annoyances


Superhero Angst: Andreas Englund’s Portraits of a Geriatric Crusader

Andreas Englund with his work "Pebbles" in Rochester, New York, 2015

Swedish artist Andreas Englund is currently in Rochester, USA for the Wall Therapy Street Art Festival.

Art by Andreas Englund

Online gallery with the collected works of oil paintings and printed editions.

Trabajo de medio tiempo de los superhéroes

'Part-time JOB Magic Show' Funny Parody Super Hero Lady Doing Magician Vinyl Sticker


Elderly Superhero Portraits by Englund

Superhero Photography by Chow Kar Hoo - Boost Inspiration

Superheroes Living Ordinary Lives in Hong Kong

Superhero photography by Chow Kar Hoo cc: @Alexander López @alexrafa_lopez

Superhero photography by Chow Kar Hoo

The normal everyday life of Super Heroes by the Chinese photographer Chow Kar Hoo

Super Hero

These Portraits of an Aging Superhero Will Totally Harsh Your Mellow What happens when your favorite superheroes become elderly superheroes? Check out these awesome paintings by Andreas Englund.