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do you bros remember that time when you dropped your icecream.well next time that happens YOU PICK IT UP THEN YOU EAT IT.yolo

It was unfortunately a really hot day on the roof of St. Bart’s. Though the falling ice cream did give him an idea of how to handle Sherlock.

"When I first came here I was so scared of being lost I had to holler so they could track me... I figured anything was better than being lost..."

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When you realize that “pants” in England means basically the same thing as “underwear” or “boxers”....

The thing that most american sherlockians don't realize is, in England "trousers" are "pants", and "pants" are "underwear". John isn't talking about Sherlock's pants he's talking about his underwear. One of my favorite scenes.


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Angel "Reprise" S2EP15

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Sherlock couldn't say, "I'm totally innocent and friendly and totally NOT probably poisoning my best friend's coffee right now so HELLO!" in words so he says it with the most adorable smile ever.

He's adorable . It's like he just really doesnt want to say a bad word, especially if that word is an "insult" to his fans.

franklin tiberius on

I am pleased to think that I shall be able to free society from any further effects of his presence, though I fear that it is at a cost which will give pain to my friends, and especially, my dear Watson, to you.

"Believe me to be, my dear fellow, very sincerely yours. - Sherlock Holmes" The original "suicide" note

Seems So Simple in Retrospect

Seems So Simple in Retrospect

In spite of the truth of said statement, I have the inane urge to reply: no duh, Sherlock.

"BORED!!!" | Sherlock

An average of almost 12 million people tuned in for the third series of the detective drama on

First teaser for Sherlock Season 3... No spoilers. Just go watch it in all it 26 second glory!

BBC One on

Sherlock: Series 3 Teaser Trailer -BBC One-. A teaser? More like a teaser for a teaser. Still excited though!

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