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picmaniahowtotrainyourdragon:    The Deadly Night Fury.  …  Nevermind.    Toothless!

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Toothless is doing what your cat would do.

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Toothless by MagnaStorm on DeviantArt He measures 24 inches from noes to the tip of his tail, 10 inches nose to butt, and has a massive wingspan of 34 inches. He's made out of minky, and has machine embroidered eyes. His nose is thread sculpted, and he does have a hand embroidered mouth. He's pose-able thanks to decorative sand in his paws. His wings are also wired, though they're too heavy to stay up in the air on their own.

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Here we have Toothless from how to train your dragon chibi anime wallpaper.(from how to train a Dragon)