Paula Swisher

Bird drawings, hand-made and with many colors, over different science books, producing a shock between the formality of graphics and the subtlety of the bird’s plumage. by Paula Swisher

Rufous-headed tanager

Endemic to Brazil. Restricted to the Atlantic Forest of south-east Brazil (north to souther Bahia). This was shot at Boa Nova, a legendary site for Brazilian birders and ornithologists.

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Title: Metromix 15 - ON WOOD - SALE! From my MetroMix collection I bring you MetroMix 15 - This one of a kind mixed media art piece was created

Day1-3:copy cat sketch a-bird-a-day. Day3: choose/draw bird; paint H2O background; texture with pen and ink; then color pencils; add words

"Bluebird Swirls" - An idea for me to paint on canvas (but I wouldnt paint all the junk in the middle of the bird and Id use different colors). FYI: During the whole redecorating our house thing, were only hanging artwork/paintings made by me.

Pennsylvania artist and designer Paula Swisher draws birds on the pages of old engineering and science manuals.