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We have a fondness for great literature, so we gathered a number of wonderful resources here in our Ultimate Guide to Middle School Literature. Wide variety of reading genres, perfect for teens. Homeschool book club ideas and activities too. Get tweens and teens talking about books and world views. Classic books, fantasy, adventure, biographies, personal growth, etc.

The Ultimate Guide to Middle School Literature

Peapod Puzzles--Upstairs to Magic Land children\'s wooden jigsaw puzzle. Unique, heirloom-quality, eco-friendly, artisanal, wooden jigsaw puzzles made in America!

☽Free Spirited☾ ⊕ ☼ ॐ

exchange adventurous tales with your friends while listening to the crackling fireplace, a glass of butterbeer in hand as the smell of cinnamon surrounds you 🍻

In Doug Knutson's print JURIS PRUDENCE a vintage lawyer's desk reflects a simpler time--a few law books, reading glasses, a gavel, and an oil lantern by which to work. Lady Justice reminds the lawyer

Doug Knutson Juris Prudence

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..Time to sit for a spell, slow down and enjoy...

That is the way to enjoy coffee: Cannoli and macchiato - Lovely Sicily (Italy)

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Ƭɦҽ ƦᎥʂҽ Ꭷʄ Ʀαɱʂҽʂ Ƭɦҽ ᗪαɱɲҽɖ