Pink Floyd | Il Giornale Di Roberto B.: 30 Giorni Di Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd: Richard Wright, David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Roger Waters. (Other member: Syd Barrett)

Kurt Cobain and Nirvana were very much "grunge". here they rock the layering including a flannel shirt. Long greasy hair was also part of the grunge style which is also shown here.

jimmy page

Jimmy Page - Rock god of Led Zeppelin - bad boys and their guitars?

Only Robert Plant could rock a feminine floral top

Top 13 Weezer Songs

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Led Zeppelin - Madison Square Garden/ NYC

This legendary 1973 photo by Bob Gruen of Led Zeppelin standing in front of their own "Led Zeppelin Airplane" helped make the band bigger than life.

Led Zeppelin