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Adrian is an Independent Graphic Designer from Bucharest. He posts things he likes and inspire him like Typography, Tattoos and Design. Also tidbits of his work and life.

symbol: the light bulb symbolizes realization, and rethinking your decision, make the right choice

Original Think Graphic wall decor, the typographic art print with beautiful distressed look bring a simple and vintage feel to your wall decor. For those who love to think, and vintage light bulbs!

Type & lettering / Tom Davie | Type 2012 — Designspiration

Tom Davie: 2012 Typographic Prints - love typography created with non-traditional objects. - love the idea of using non traditional objects throughout the magazine

Handwritten white elements on top of photographic images. Typography and icons can be a mix of handwritten/geometric. Reference to ESPN Video. Mood is loud and playful.

Fashion ad for spring 2012 collection. Typography and banners with bright complementary banner design


Graphic Design Trends in 2017: What's Hot and What's Not

Graphic Design Trends in What's Hot and What's Not

Blended & Layered

Back to basics poster

The Inspiration Grid : Design Inspiration, Illustration, Typography, Photography, Art, Architecture & More

Vector Illustration, Used for Advertising 'Autumn-Winter Collection "Givenchy", Campaign - Vector Illustration by Matt Edwards (b.

Asian American Film Festival. 3-9-2012  San Francisco. Ca.

asian-american film festival - directions in sound

This is a good example of HOW to use multiple fonts. Typically you should avoid it, but this designer, Imelda Ogilvy, made it work. They did this by having everything else simple (contrast) including the single focal point and image, the clean plain background, and the small white text, ordered by importance. The color and popsicle/surfboard is perfect for the audience and summer setting. Source: http://www.gutewerbung.net/surf-festival-2013-at-izola-beach/

poster to print This is a "cool" poster for surf festival. It interestingly put the popsicle as the visual metaphor for surf board. It effectively bring cool wind instantly by looking at the poster.


Motion Theater Identity by Caroline Grohs

German graphic designer Caroline Grohs created a great branding for a fictitious theater named "Motion Theater". "The logo intertwines the dancers movements and their connections to the theater, so that it


Some great inspirational posters using Typography & Photography

Green swimming pool, pink flamingo    High Christmas lights   Blue bedspread and silver tinsel    My heart's delight         –Lana Del Rey, "Trash Magic"

Pink Flamingo print or poster. The pattern, color combination, and type are just perfect together.


Art Direction - love colors and design over photography. what I aim for with aloft.

Warwick Kay

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Print created by Cape Town-based design and illustrator Warwick Kay for the Locals Only Exhibition. In Warwick graduated from the Durban University of Technology in Graphic Design and was awarded with Designer of the He currently works at Red Crown.

25 Beautiful & Modern Poster Designs

25 Beautiful & Modern Poster Designs

Save Trees Save Earth Poster Clean and simple design

Andrew Bannecker #illustration

Andrew Bannecker, poster First Night 2013