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Misha Collins everyone. He has no shame!

"Red carpet" shenanigans with Jensen and Misha I love Jensens face after Misha said, " Thats not what you said last night.

This is what I think about every time he teleports on the show

He must have a lot of bruises from always having to fall on the floor every time Castiel disappears. Kind of reminds me of an old game I used to play in elementary school. The gym teachers

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I'd jump on Sam's back as he ran by: let's be honest, if he can carry Dean, he can carry me to safety.<<if Sam and Dean are running from something, someone jumping on their backs would only result in a lot of stabbing<<<hehe i love the supernatural fandom


Me too, tumblr user circusbones. Me too.

Me too, tumblr user circusbones. Me too

Mates don't let mates go on dates dressed wrongly. Dean face in the last one it's like yeah keep going

And we all loved it---Sadly, probably not the gayest moment in supernatural.