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Butterfly Reflection

Blue Butterfly on a Pink Flower – Amazing Pictures - Amazing Travel Pictures with Maps for All Around the World

Igor Levashov

40 Beautiful and Realistic Flower Paintings for your inspiration

Lady bug. there is an innocence about this and yet it speaks volumes of bold. love it

tiny white daisy and ladybug DAISIES are my favorite flower!

Gold roses! I love them!!

Who would want a brown rose? Brown roses are dead roses. French rose breeder NIRP International has created a chocolate rose called the Terra Nostra.

#successwk-31 #affirmation. I am #blessed. So are you.

Thank you Lord for making me who I am with a twin sister and for my beautiful family. I am blessed with a beautiful son. I am blessed Iam blessed I am blessed. Please bless those who need a family and those who want a baby.

Beatiful perfect shot

Beatiful perfect shot

I am in love with these beauties ;)

PIRATE Birthday Party Invitations birthday party Balloons and bridesmaids. Baby Shower and Birthday Party Centerpieces with Jelly Beans What.

Superbe... ...

Zavier and Jewels sat quietly as the Hummer cruised slowly through the late night traffic. Jewels glanced to his father, "He'll never allow anything to happen to you. You do realize that?" Jewels said flatly. And I will never allow anythi

Daisies are my mother's favourite cut flower. When I was little, I could always melt her heart by bringing her a bouquet of wild daisies. Oh how I miss her warm smile.