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How often do you go for "Therapy"? This is sooooo true, nothing like camping, hiking or just being outdoors to get your mind straight

You have to love when you get home and you have dirt and mud splattered on your legs. Awesome!

Trail running at its best. Just a normal day at the "trail office"

5:30 and I hear someone's tail slapping the couch

Read More About Track season is finally here! I'm glad I get to run again! Not looking forward to the first week though.

This Find Yourself Go Run poster ($30-$45) isn't just inspiring — it's pretty to look at too.

The Only Motivation You Need to Keep That Fit Resolution

The Only Motivation You Need to Keep That Fit Resolution: You can try different things to keep your New Year's resolution (like say, using a great fitness app), but sometimes all it takes is a few motivational words.

hit the nail on the head. this must be why i've always enjoyed running.

Not Feeling Like Going For a Run? Read Through These: Running regularly takes a certain degree of motivation, but that doesn't mean runners don't need inspiration every day to keep up with their workouts.

Motivation Minute: weekly fitness and weight loss tips from the exerts at Nationwide Childrens. This week. healthy snacking at work.

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If You Want to Run Longer, This Is a Must

Three of my favourite things: running, sun and birch forest - I want to run through these trees!

Ok me 3 miles. Still applies.My triathlon Saturday! I didn't have a pretty performance, but I crossed that finish line! :) motivational monday: Quote Art {dead last}

Repinned: Thinking about trail running? Read these 5 tips first!

I'm not exactly new to the trail running scene, but these are great tips for every trail runner beginner or old hand : )

Just do it

The best collection of Nike motivational quotes with pictures. Nike motivational quotes and sayings to fuel your fire.

gotta remember this!

Quick, Intense, and Full of All Kinds of Awesome: 10-Minute P90X3 Workout

What if my legs are perfect but my heart is the first that can't keep going? Actually it goes way too fast and I go out of breath after running 1 meter