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Art Made from Real Human Bones (12 pieces)

Art Made from Real Human Bones (12 pieces)

Francois Robert spent hundreds of hours arranging the real bones of a single human skeleton into a series of striking iconic shapes. He titled the beautiful yet eerily haunting series, ‘Stop the Violence.

Human Bone Art by Francois Robert

Human Bone Art by Francois Robert

Amazing 'Stop the Violence' campaign by Francois Robert. Those are human bones.

Stop the violence campaign made of HUMAN BONES by Francois Robert. Incredibly intense and moving. (I'm never donating my body to Science.


the incarnations of bette grable kitsch gothic pin up art Brown, thought of you when I saw this.

Francois Robert has created extraordinary alphabets using the human skeleton

Bare bones spelling

An entire alphabet assembled from dis-articulated human skeletons. By Francois Robert.

“Stop the Violence” Photo Series by Francois Robert | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

"Stop the Violence" photo series by Francois Robert used human bones to create impressive images with the purpose of increasing global awareness of war violence.

My version: pure, metallic black outer coating, bright inner horn (golden/honeydew), patterns overlaying the outside of the horn, and smooth lines coming out of horn (music/sound).

The Color Wheel, Part 1 + An Announcement!

This would be an awesome tattoo. Maybe with music notes coming out of the gramophone though

Time passes, memories stay... - The Meta Picture

Time passes, memories stay…

Never Forget Ghost's And Tyrants Of History Past, Same place, different time. will history repeat?

halloween makeup just got beautiful

Relationship between life and death. inside, outside: No information about this but it is two different photographs put together to create a half skull, half face image. That heavily relates to the theme of inside, outside and in between.

Human Bone Anti-War Art

François Robert is a photographer renowned for both his commercial and fine art photography work. In the mid Robert purchased three lockers from a school

The Revolver by Andy Warhol

andy warhol gun 82 black and red on white Andy Warhol Pop Art, Gallery, Pictures