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Just as Bambi is getting over his mother’s shooting death, this happens.

SEE IT: Artist draws Disney characters after being skinned

Furry Tale, An awareness campaign that questions the fate of the world’s most beloved characters if they had been part of the fur trade industry. The “Furry Tale” series encourage people to join this cause by spreading awareness and boycotting fur.

"California man is demanding police accountability after an officer fatally shot his service dog in the head.Ian Anderson of San Diego told The Huffington Post he was sleeping in his home when officers pounded on his door at 5 a.m. Sunday over a domestic disturbance call. The 24-year-old man said police had the wrong house.The knocking woke up Anderson and his 6-year-old pit bull, Burberry, who started barking until Anderson opened the door for the officers.  In a surveillance video obtained…

So sad this man lost his best freind and i say you should love and spend time with family,freinds, and even pets because in no time they will be gone like the dog blueberry and the mans father


Learn about the ugliness of Speciesism and the part YOU play in it. Be vegan and take a moral stand against ALL forms of animal cruelty, exploitation and commodification.

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These battered Disney princess posters by Saint Hoax are part of a campaign to raise awareness about and prevent domestic violence.

Artist Uses Battered Disney Princes To Raise Awareness For Male Domestic Abuse - DesignTAXI.com

Prince Charmless An awareness campaign targeting any boy who has been subject to domestic violence. The poster series encourage victims to shamelessly report their cases.