Lucy's Stash - Jonqal nail art

Lucy's Stash - Jonqal nail art

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Love it 'cause it reminds me of the and oddly of Whitney Houston in the long curly hair days.

Perry, Perry the Platypus

Perry, Perry the Platypus

Perry, Perry the Platypus! You are so good at nails AND it's Perry!

Lucy's Stash - Bejewelled manicure nails - Lush with blues and lavendar

Get bold with a bright diagonal slash. The perfect indigo: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in Technop... - MADELINE POOLE FOR SALLY HANSEN

30 New Ways to Update Your French Manicure

I am inspired by this to use: Eurso Euro and Where Did Suzi's Man-go?, stamped w metallic orange. Ji-Hye wearing a graphic diagonal manicure to match this colorblock Proenza purse

cute nails

My Elegant Touch wrap mash-up in honour of being asked to do some designs for their next years nail range!

Маникюр на коротких ногтях - квадратная форма ногтей

Hey Half-black nails with a gold strip and gold accent nail nice pin!