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A Vida Com Brilho: A maldição do tigre vol2- o resgate do tigre

Leitura – O Resgate do tigre – Colleen Houck

Dhiren (Ren) and Kelsey (Kells) from Tiger's Curse

From the Tiger's Curse series Kelsey and Ren by ~Juhani on deviantART

I'm for Team Ren, though I do really like Kishan as well :)

Ren (black background) by equestriad from deviant art

Sakuntala by Jenna DeTrapani,...i added this, i believe it is when they are at the waterfall, Ch. 13 #tcpinterest

my sister in law drew this and presented it to author colleen houck at the miami international book fair!

.The Encounter

Contest Entry 'Off-white' Thaw and Frost. Muspel and Nifl. Their names are derived from Muspelheim and Niflheim-the lands of fire and ice respectively i. Off-White: Thaw and Frost

Tiger's curse- Kishan

Edit + Retouch (: "Go to sleep, Bilauta." - Kishan Kishan, the black tiger, in the amazing Tiger's curse book series (: go see Ren here>> [link] . go to sleep, bilauta.

Tiger's Curse is magical & one of the best book series ever!! <3

Tiger's Curse is magical & one of the best book series ever!

Coisas de Ana

Coisas de Ana