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Self-Portrait by Vincent Van Gogh Postcard

Vincent van Gogh Online, Self Portrait, Oil Paintings Only For Art Lovers! This is a non-profits site and shows all the paintings of Vincent van Gogh's art works.

Self-Portrait by Georgia O'Keeffe. I'd never seen this one. She took a lot of care to record her wrinkles, and I love the gray flower looming behind her, all that spiral energy.

Self-Portrait by Georgia O'Keeffe She was a woman of courage. You will notice that she did not glam it up for her self portrait! She was a real artist and a REAL human being.

Jan van Eyck, Man met rode tulband (vermoedelijk zelfportret) 1433 National Gallery Londen

The Man in a Red Turban by Jan Van Eyck (c. The exact person depicted has never been identified, but it is widely thought that it is a self-portrait of Van Eyck himself. 1433 oil on wood in National Gallery, London, UK

Salvador Dalí © Daniel Farson

Goodness, he really does look crazy. Salvador Dali & Frida Kahlo I love this picture. Frida looks so serene and beautiful and it is one of the most handsome pictures of Dali (though he still looks crazy).

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David Hockney David Hockney, Mum- - I think she is beautiful, blue eyes and white hair many years of wisdom.

Self-Portrait, M. C. Escher

Escher self portrait (not our Escher - the artist Escher!) What an interesting idea for a portrait. Difficult to do though and in pencil! As if under a microscope or being inspected.

Amazing Art, Redheads, Pintura, Red Heads

My recent "involuntary memory." Caravaggio's "The Calling of Saint-Matthew." Description of the paining from the blog: Zeitgeist  sic itur ad astra ("thus to the stars"). Click here to read: (http://duluxdreams.wordpress.com/2012/06/28/caravaggio-the-calling-of-st-matthew/)

Caravaggio – ‘The Calling of St Matthew’

Roma, San Luigi dei Francesi Church - The Calling of Saint Matthew. This is a masterpiece by Caravaggio completed in for the Contarelli Chapel in the church of the French congregation, San Luigi dei Francesi (near piazza Navona), where it remains today.

Old Friends: Artists, Pablo Picasso & Marc Chagall, laughing together in a studio space.

Old Friends: Artists, Pablo Picasso & Marc laughing together in a studio space. "When Matisse dies," Pablo remarked in the "Chagall will be the only painter left who understands what colour really is".

John Singer Sargent

John Singer Sargent self portrait, Sargent was an American artist, considered the "leading portrait painter of his generation" for his evocations of Edwardian era luxury. He lived most of his life in Europe.


Oil Painting - Cool-Arts - Jan Vermeer: Demoiselle A La Perle. Oil painting by Jan Vermeer - high-quality and afforable Demoiselle A La Perle