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LOKI'D<---No. The real reason I loved the Avengers is because it was an awesome movie. Love ya, Loki, but you ain't the reason I loved the movie.

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Marvel Cinematic Universe. SO EXCITED!<<<< the next captain America movie is I'd called civil war. The next avengers movie is infinity war and it's a 2 part film. The first part is coming out may 2018 and the second is may 2019

Because Wolverine is supposed to be super short

Funny pictures about Hugh Jackman As Wolverine At Comic-Con. Oh, and cool pics about Hugh Jackman As Wolverine At Comic-Con. Also, Hugh Jackman As Wolverine At Comic-Con photos.

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My geeky heart cannot handle all this geeky awesomeness<<<< This is the most amazing thing that I've ever saw

Star Wars marvel characters

Similarities between the Avengers and Star Wars characters! Nick Fury/Mace Windu made me laugh.

Marvel sneak peak

Marvel sneak peak

loki by jeanlotus Fan Art / Digital Art / Drawings / Movies & TV©2013-2014 jeanlotus

loki by jeanlotus Fan Art / Digital Art / Drawings / Movies & jeanlotus

6 Things You Didn't Know About Iron Man

Facts about Iron Man // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Phase 3: The Future of Marvel Comic Movies in One Poster?

Thor Ragnarok AND The Avengers Civil War! The Future of Marvel Leaked?

The Avengers | 80db36797a37c9c4abedeb2f1aa2bf18.jpg 533×1,566ピクセル

Look at these amazing actors as their hero personas and when they're playing the people behind them. look at Captain America - so starkly different from the fun loving Chris. LOOK AT TOM SMIRKING