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Clarence Darrow --- I rest my case

Know Your Popes No. 12

Know Your Popes - Gregory I, seller of indulgences, destroyer of knowledge, and greatest scammer of them all. Look how he made the Papacy rich. The sound I made when they said he burned a library wasn't human.


How Sam Harris views all religions

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This is what Christians say when throwing a tantrum. So he could punish me? It's your hell, you burn in it.

... y pensar que hay gente que basa su vida en éste libro.

David cross serving it up

This is what a judgemental self righteousness person sounds like. Woman are not the victims in the bible. No women are quite powerful & clever, willful and disobedient and prone to break the rules faster than men. From the very beginning. A study on young children was done boys vs girls, all the girls lied whilst all the young boys told the truth. They tried to justify the girls' lying by saying they were just more empathetic. But a lie is a lie. They unknowingly made the woman handicap by…

Gore Vidal on the patriarchal sky-god religions.

Know Your Popes Sixtus IV, had Six (lol) illegitimate sons, one with his sister. Carrying a six-shooter, eh? Promoted homosexuality with taxes, too? A very busy pope, indeed! ih

Know your popes: Sixtus IV Part of a series of information about the leaders of the Catholic cult, their crimes, lies, and the harm they caused.

The solution is obvious...unless you're stupid! :)

the truth about religion: you are choking. i perform the Heimlich maneuver. i pray for you.

"it's almost as if the Bible was written by racist, sexist, homophobic, violent, sexually frustrated men, instead of a loving God. Weird" -- Ricky Gervais, Comedian / Atheist

Reason not religion

Bold Atheism...... I'm tryna tell you.....

"He works in mysterious ways" no.stop making excuses for your false claims.

Hi, unfortunately that is very true it's strange how life is at times but we bare and live with it ! Chuck Criss Oliver

Sam Harris on atheism and truth!

Living in the Bible belt, I can attest to the fact that religion is definitely harmful.  Teaching people to discard critical thinking and scientific knowledge in favor of ancient mythology is a recipe for society-damaging ignorance.

Christopher Hitchens atheism quote Religion is harmful!


It makes no sense does it? Why would an all-knowing being need to have humans kill himself to make himself happy? The whole story of the crucifixion is absurd from top to bottom.

Why would an all-knowing being need to have humans kill himself to make himself happy? The whole story of the crucifixion is absurd from top to bottom.

I was never into Star Trek, but this right here makes me want to see it.

It is what we humans call faith Spock .The quote by spock, written by gene roddenberry for the original draft of “star trek: the motion picture” The answer to the quote by SLMB.

A ARTE DE CALAR  "O silêncio é um momento vivificante de graça, em que a criatura se cala, mas o espírito fala" Calar sobre sua própria pessoa, é humildade. Calar sobre os defeitos dos outros, é caridade. Calar quando a gente está sofrendo, é heroísmo. Calar diante do sofrimento alheio, é covardia. Calar diante da injustiça, é fraqueza. Calar quando o outro está falando, é delicadeza. Calar quando o outro espera um palavra, é omissão.  Calar e não falar palavras inúteis, é penitência. Calar…

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