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The Cause for Apples by AssasinMonkey.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Season Episode 25 & 26 - The Cutie Re-Mark For more info on my MLP:FIM Season 5 Episode Art Streams P.


It's time for Applejack Appreciation Day once again, and who has two thumbs and appreciates the hell out of her? Betting on a Pair of Wild 'Jacks

Dance of the Vampires - Concept Art by Stuflox

It's pretty unusual for me to draw such a huge amount of concept-artwork based on something, and I've actually never been so eager to draw so much diffe. Dance of the Vampires - Character Design Concept

Equestria Daily: Drawfriend

New addition for my Season 6 Episode Art! Season Episode 28 Pranks Later For more info on my episode art: MLP:FIM Season 5 Episode Art Streams Oh.


in Equestria girls version. Why the official doll toys are so strange?

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Change from the Chrysalis by AssasinMonkey.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Wanted to get in the flow of doing some design work again. Or at least a piece focused primarily on it. So I decided to do something I did before with Contact Equines Some original character de.

OC in pool by LuleMT

OC in pool by LuleMT