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~αи∂ ι мιѕѕ уσυ мσяє тнαи αиутнιng ιи тнιѕ ωσяℓ∂~

Angel: I don't think that's true

~But I could handle being the villain. The one thing I couldn't handle was letting anyone else die~

One of the characters telling his new found friends about his life.

rebellion, quote, and alive image

There is a war to be faced

This daily chronic pain, is HELL!

Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier

Gay all Day | about me

Gay all Day | about me

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The Winter Soldier

ριntєrєѕt • @αlαchrуmσsєfαtє

Yet you hate me.I picked you over everything.you picked everything over me.

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Pinterest: @royaltraship ⚡

ohhhh ideas ideas

dialogue: i fought the war, but the war won

I went under, by helping Loki, there are mad people on my tail. So I left to keep my family safe. Don't look for me, you won't find me, and if you do... You won't like what you see... I'll be back soon, I just need to get things straight...

Winifred Cole has gone missing.

ѕιмρℓιςιту ιѕ тнє υℓтιмαтє ѕσρнιѕтιςαтισи

theta knight / / the diviners

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me and mabel texting tbh

High warlock of Brooklyn

when i grow up i want to be nothing at all

when i grow up i want to be nothing at all