Chippewa Brave

Bemos A. Geshig of the Ojibwa tribe in partial native dress holding a war club - Δ Charles Milton Bell, ca.

A Sioux Chief by Joseph T Keiley, circa 1898. Keiley’s association with Stieglitz began about 1898, the year he and Gertrude Käsebier photographed a group of Lakota Sioux—including this man, Has-No-Horses—who were in New York as part of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show.

A Sioux Chief Joseph T. Keiley (American, Date: ca. 1898 Medium: Platinum print Dimensions: x cm.

Lone Wolf in Old Photos from Oglala | Sioux Research-Dakota, Lakota, Nakota

A restoration of a cabinet card on Lone Wolf I completed some time ago now. There is more information of Lone Wolf in the Indian Wars board.

Ella Deloria (Yankton Sioux) 1889-1971, became a renowned scholar of the Dakota language and culture. She produced a huge body of work including books on Dakota society, Sioux grammar and a Sioux Dictionary. In 1944 she published "Speaking of Indians". From that book, on the question of the first human inhabitants of America she stated: "The vital concern is not where a people came from physically, but where they are going, spiritually." also attended Oberlin college in Ohio

Ella Cara Deloria is best known for her linguistic and ethnographic work on the Sioux Nation. She brought a new perspective on her work, as she was born on the Yankton Sioux Reservation and part of a traditional Dakota Sioux family.

One Bull - Hunkpapa - 1882

One Bull -Lakota Sioux, younger brother of White Bull, best known for being the nephew and adopted son of the great holy man, Sitting Bull. Used his uncles shield in the battle of Little Bighorn.


Old Bets, a Sioux woman aged 120 years old, will long be remembered with gratitude by many of the Minnesota Captives for her kindness to them while among the Sioux in Photo from an Albumen print;


Ojibwe All of these photographs are the work of Roland W. Reed, in 1907 and 1908 and published in the book Alone with the Past: The Life and Photographic Art of Roland W. Reed, in