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These kids are dancing with joy to find peanut butter and chili sauce sandwiches and peanut butter and sweet garden relish sandwiches in their lunchbox.

In the Corner ? Have a Beer

Vintage 1951 Schlitz Beer print ad Man paints himself into kitchen corner Albert Dorne illustration


Boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses — unless the girls are holding a plate of Baby Ruth cookies 1944 ad for Baby Ruth candy.

1950s CANADA DRY soda

A vividly hued image for ice cold varieties of Canada Dry Soda from the Boy, does the Cherry Soda sound terrific! by lucinda

Jell-O Content Marketing Book

Kewpies: I own three vintage Kewpie fills and people have called me a kewpie doll many times.

Scotch. 1946. Funny because it is so ridiculous. Beyond ridiculous

Merely place a strip of this transparent 'Scotch' cellulose tape over the place where I have so mischievously torn the paper.

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Just Couldn’t Wait, art by Albert Dorne.  Schlitz Beer 1950.

Just Couldn’t Wait, art by Albert Dorne. Schlitz Beer I don’t usually post complete ads but this is too good to crop.

1958 Vintage Dolly Madison Cakes Ad ~ Picnic Dessert

1958 Vintage Dolly Madison Cakes Ad ~ Picnic Dessert, Vintage Food Ads (Other)