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Pinning to honour the Squirrels of Holley, N.Y..  The FireDept. there is hosts a 'family event' murdering Squirrels Feb.16,2013 & are planning to do this again in 2014!

Pinning to honour the Squirrels of Holley, N. The FireDept. there is hosting a 'family event' murdering Squirrels in the month of Februrary each year

La vedette du jour by Guylaine Begin - PhotosNature on Flickr.

October is Squirrel Awareness Month Album. squirrel portrait Close up squirrel eating

Red Squirrel - Sooo Cute !

* * " Gee, evens on a sunny day, de wind be screamin' ands gobblin'. Shoulds I chance itz ands enters de forest fer stash?

So much fun to watch .

Red Tailed Squirrel Greeting Card for Sale by Robert Gaines

Squirrel Eating Nuts wallpaper - 551112

Squirrels are members of the family Sciuridae, consisting of small or medium-size rodents.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury,

This is the male squirrel excersizing it's flirtatious capabilites by utilizing it's seductive hip maneuver.

The spy squirrel that loved me

Gray squirrel in tree. Adler and Rothman represent extremes in human response to that remarkable, and remarkably vexing, native American mammal known as the eastern gray squirrel.

Squirrely Close-up

Squirrel love nuts so much. In case you live close to a nut tree, there is a chance that you can spot a squirrel running around carrying a nut.

my vet says squirrels are very territorial, so this would be all one family! Also, that means placing nuts out for one squirrel during the fall and winter will not attract other squirrels!