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draw realistic water drop step 3

How to Draw Water Drops Step by Step

draw realistic water drop step 3

Color harmony of light

Chevreul's color model the hue circle is exemplified by 72 normal scales of tones, arranged with white at the center and black at the circumference

Learning to Mix Colors

Color (and Watercolor) Nuts and Bolts : Primaries, Complements, Split Primaries and Picking a Palette : Temple of the Seven Golden Camels

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Color Wheel (top left) From top to bottom on Right: Complimentary Color Scales Monochromatic Gradient Scale White to Black Gradient Scale Bottom left to right: Primary Colors Secondary colors

Colors mean different things for different cultures and religious traditions. This is an interesting comparison! What colors are prominent in your home? Do their meanings make sense to You?

What Colors Mean in Different Cultures

Believe it or not, colors do not mean the same thing in every culture and religion. This infographic provides a deeper look into the meaning of colors in different cultures and religions.

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The human head can be divided into four sections. Everyone's face is different, but there are general guidelines and proportions that can help guide the placement of the facial features.