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B T S ~♡ They're still cute! I mean the glow ups and puberty did them well but they were so cute when there were younger as well!!!

And look at the BTS haters hating on this boys not knowing their true stories and colors. Each BTS member should be well loved and appreciated. Happy ARMY Anniversary to me! Today is my favorite day 🦄🌟- G

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Why do they look like they're about to get caught? Whoever in the back need yo speed the fudge up

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jihope pics on Twitter || the size difference made me confused whether this pic was edited or not..

jihope pics on

I'm loving the soft colours 😍 this fluffy cloud image suits their fluffy personalities. Completely different from their debut concept 😂

Ai se desse ao menos para puder espressar o quanto eu gosto destes garotos.! Mas Sla vei o jimin, o suga e o V são mt epecias mesmo.

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Rap monster and Jimin

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I don't care if you call them a hip hop group or a pop group, they are still awesome and my favorite.<<<<<<<<<< you know, honestly, sometimes I see these pictures and my heart stops for a moment, and I get tears in my eyes.

We are Bulletproof

V I need you stop with that expression. I can't deal. go back to being smol and adorable