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And it would honestly make sense why the other kids wouldn't be sought out as half bloods so quickly because Percy's scent probably muffled the other kids

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Yeah rick what have you done. Like solangelo is the best thing in the whole entitle universe *laughs manically*


Nope holy fuck that happened YES

What if Hera knew what Leo's plan from BoO was back then, and this was part of her plan.

Hera chose HIM to be a hero. She took time out of her immortal life to babysit him. And while to him it's creepy, she might have favored the son of Hephaestus all this time. <<<< If that was me I would still hate Hera anyway.

When i first read posidons description in percy jackson i immediately thought og my swim coach.

Yea go Annabeth @Katniss Mellark

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oh ya! Go Percy! I don't hate Jason or anything, but I still think Percy is waaaayyyyy better.

Best. Plot twist. EVER!!! I gotta say though, I was starting to suspect it right before that last sentence ;) It was still glorious, though

I was SO scared and angry when he said that she cheated. Then the plot twist came. Didn't see that coming

I almost scrolled past this. I ALMOST SCROLLED PAST THIS<<< I started crying. This is beautiful.

ok but as much as this breaks my heart remember that one scene for Percy's birthday and Paul and Poseidon were both there?

yeah.. but then he wouldn't have been a demigod. aka no longer part of the seven. aka NO PERCY

I'm imagining piper looking at Percy and Annabeth and wondering if there's any chance Jason would hav made the same choice for her, or if Percabeth romance is a one time occurrence

Pfft what a loser lol

I am probably the only person in the fandom who doesn't hate Jason. Repost if you don't hate Jason.