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Totally. So sad in "Aftershock pt. 2" when Terra flies by the pizza place, now crushed, and goes back to memories of pizza with the Titans.

The original Teen Titans!

Best Starfire moments

Teen titans: Cute Starfire moments :) ♡ >>> bless her

Made me want to cry... beast boy and terra should be together they ended the show crappy

Teen Titans: Beastboy And Terra Christmas Moment

BBRae: Refuge in Arkham #2 by samsolariusleo on DeviantArt

Titans: Refuge in Arkham by samsolariusleo

Raven and Beast Boy true love <3

Beast Boy and Raven -- oh I have never seen the original Teen Titans series, but now I want to so bad! - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Can u guys just kill Slade already so that way the original Teen Titans show can come back.

Teen Titans Wallpaper: Beast Boy and Raven

Teen Titans Fight Song by NinJediTurtle

Teen Titans Fight Song -- Rylee was singing ❤️

Oh my gosh! When I was watching this episode the other day. I was totally like, "Wth, why is Robin so smiley?"

This Lovely Truth (whomshallifear: (via projectglockenspiel))

This episode was fun! This was my favorite part, I love how he could still change but can only turn into inanimated objects. | Teen Titans

funny teen titans moment<<~this was like my favourite episode

On her own, Regina is scary. Post-Doom-Child revival...she's a nightmare come to life.

Teen titans-Ravens a bad ass.

Teen Titans: Raven Safcasm moment - "I'm soooo jealous."

One of my favorite Raven lines from Teen Titans.

Titan girls redraw by MegS-ILS on DeviantArt

Titan girls redraw by MegS-ILS on DeviantArt<<Bad Blood background?

Reasons why original Teen Titans is so much better than Teen Titans Go

Hahahaha At first, I thought Beastboy shrunk Starfire and Raven for a second

Beastboy & Robin, hanging around

Come back... by MegS-ILS

Oh that hurt

teen titans quotes | Teen Titans "Motivational Posters"

Um, they do have real jobs this makes little sense. Bruce Wayne is in charge of Wayne enterprise and superman worked at a news place, blue Beatle worked at a good place etc