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Odd Todd and Even Steven. Tell story of Even Steven and Odd Todd: Even Steven likes everything to be equal and fair.  The number in his Left hand must be the same as the number in his Right hand.  Odd Todd doesn't like things to be fair, he doesn't care if his friend has less snack than he does. Children give a number.  Count it out with food/cubes and share into the hands of Even Steven.  If numbers in each hand are not the same - number goes to Odd Todd!

This is a super cute and hands-on lesson to teach even and odd numbers using Even Steven and Odd Todd. I might even give Even Steven an even number of fingers and Odd Todd an odd number of fingers.

Understanding place value, up to 3-digit numbers

Kindergarten Math Worksheets: And 3 more makes

math unit 3 place value grade math worksheets slide show - Worksheets and Activities - Place value of numbers

The Go To Teacher: Odd and Even Patterning and Exploration

We ran a little tight on time and had to skip patterning {gasp!} but its OK, my intern and I found a way to squeeze it in while moving on wi.

Do yall use anchor activities in your room? I do! I refer to them as anchor activities &...

Odd & Even Anchor Activity (The First Grade Parade)

FREEBIE - Odd and Even Numbers Freebie with Posters and Pick, Flip and Check cards by Games 4 Learning - The fun way to review odd and even numbers.

FREEBIE - Odd and Even Numbers with Posters and Pick, Flip and Check cards by Games 4 Learning

Even Meets Odd Digits Full Version $4

Even Meets Odd Digits - Fun Skip Count Poem and Activities

Even Meets Odd Number Digits. Definitely doing this with some of my graders who just don't get it