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Good night, friends! I hope you all have sweet dreams. This is a male Cardinal.

Photo by Lee Anne Russell - Oropendole - of the blackbird family

Goldfinch- Yellow birds are like the sunshine in a little package. They make me happy. ...and so do curly headed little boys! Thanks @q8jdm

Good Morning!!! One of my favorite migratory birds...the Baltimore Oriole. Have a happy weekend, friends!❤️

Meet Miley Cyrus of the bird world. I don't know what it is about bird tongues but I think they are nasty!!! Female House Sparrow

Yay!!! It's another bird I've never captured and if I am correct, it's a teeny tiny Tennessee Warbler. They are quick little things for sure!!! Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Stretch!!! Purple Finch attempting to touch his tail with his head. I'm hoping he stays around all winter. I was reading about him and it says they are monogamous. I would think his mate is hanging around, too, if that is the case. Nighty night, everyone!

It would be so fun to go up and down trees with the agility of a White-breasted Nuthatch.What do you think, birthday boy? @q8mc ...the Spider-Man of the bird world kind of reminds me of you! Happy Birthday!I hope your day has been full of celebrating your special day!

Hi!I sure wish the emoji people would design a girl with something besides pink on. We need winter clothes for her. ...and a new hair style would be nice, too. I hope your night/day is great!

Female Red-bellied favorite.❤️ Have a happy week, everyone!❤️