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It's not only rock n' roll, baby! Visto a Gómez Méndez en FB.

\m/ hello sanctury.. there should be an underlined hidden message that reads caution if you're female! Being a girl alone at a heavy metal concert is a little different than being a male alone at a concert.. AND IT'S NOT THE SHOW THAT IM TALKING ABOUT... THE WALK FROM THE CAR INTO THE VENUE AND THE WALK FROM THE VENUE BACK TO THE CAR, IS WHAT IM APPREHENSIVE ABOUT. I've been followed and baricaded in my car at the mall in daylight by a guy in a suit! SO, metalheads aren't scarry to me! The…

How to see all your favorite bands at your favorite music festivals this summer.


Long live rock and roll! one of da best things in da world. guys with teased up hair going on stage in their underwhear hahaha jk. long live Rock 'n' roll!

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Rock concert audience evolution (but I think that the "rock on" symbol was actually from the

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concerts are my favorite thing ever! I don't even care who's playing just stick me in a crowd of people singing along with the band and I'm a happy girl:)

Fearless Eddie Vedder...

Eddie Vedder # Pearl Jam # Stage dive # live show # mosh pit

Never too old to Punk Rock!

Never too old to Punk Rock! / middle aged punk pair / matching couple / alternative fashion / old school punkers /