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Classe Demospongiae - "esqueleto" de fibras de espongina com ou sem espículas de sílica. Somente leuconóides.

The orange sea pen is probably one of the most colorful sea creatures of all time. Made up of several sea polyps forming a colony, the orange sea pen is amazingly beautiful. The leafy sea dragon is simply beautiful and very colorful. Are they plants or animals? Looking at them, one would be forgiven for thinking they are beautiful flowers but they are just colorful sea creatures.

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Kingdom Animalia; General Characteristics, Classes and Roles


Belize Animals | ... 12 - Azure Sponge Glows Pink and Purple at Painted Wall Reef in Belize

Pink Vase Sea Sponge in Honduras. That doesn't look like spongebob!

Hexactinellid sponges are sponges with a skeleton made of four- and/or six-pointed siliceous spicules, often referred to as glass sponges.