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Corpo, mente, espírito

...actually it's all in your mind-body when it comes to art therapy and the creative arts therapies, but the image is cool.

7 Days to More Balanced Chakras

In today’s nonstop world, how does a girl find balance? By looking within to balance the chakras, the body’s energetic centers. When your chakras are balanced, energy is able to freely flow through your energetic system which leads to a greater sense of peace, happiness, and wellness.... balance chakras | chakra clearing | reiki | chakras | reiki healing | law of attraction | energy healing

Gratidão - Dhaniavad - Hoponopono

10 Simple Ways To Reset Your Mind, Body, And Soul

We've all been stuck in a rut before, but do you know how to get yourself out of one? Try this simple plan to reset your mind, body, and soul!

5 ideias para café da manhã sem pão

O Yoga desenvolveu-se ao longo da história no Oriente, particularmente na Índia. Da página Tradições-Mitologia-Ícones-Holismo

Music comes from and connects the mind, body and soul