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Another present for my friend, he's probably one of the most popular characters in the naruto universe. The Dark Knight of Konoha - Uchiha Itachi

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"Itachi Uchiha"<-- No, Uchiha Itachi. And yes I will do this with EVERY time I see it. I don't care if people think it's rude. Wouldn't it make you mad if people fucked up your name? People do it to me all the time

So I noticed that I've never pinned anything about Orochimaru so I typed it in the search, then I realized why I never pin anything about Orochimaru....

Day least favorite villain: Orochimaru

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The day that this man died is when millions cried

Jiraiya ~ From '' Naruto (probably my life) '' xMagic xNinjax 's board ~