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I hope the universe has my best interest in mind

de Happily Hope

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Happily Hope | My name is Hope, and I love a little bit of everything

Why were they so comfortable to say it around you?

de Tammy Strait

Hope : a revolutionary patience

Because hope is a revolutionary patience. It begins in the darkest places. The times we feel utterly lost and alone. Where confusion reigns. - See more at:

And if I asked to name all of the things that you love, how long would it take you to name yourself?

.I am very cautious of people whose actions don't match their words!

I couldn't agree more with this poster. Particularly if you are recovering from mental difficulties. You must be with positive people and rise to their level. Negative people have a habit of dragging you down to their own level. Because they don't want to be left behind and not because they are giving you good advice. I only have a few friends myself, and they are Triple A rated. cheers Paul Ianni

Hug yourself like you would like your mother to hold you

by poet Rupi Kaur, from her book "Milk and Honey"

You and I were never an "oops"... Bad timing? Perhaps and it's clear we have been brought back around full circle. We are meant to be forever together and so be it we shall.