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MK Style 012 Kitchen - island

100% Corian Kitchen from MK Style - 012 Kitchen Design

Birchgrove House,© Murray Fredericks

Gallery of Birchgrove House / Nobbs Radford Architects - 13

Image 13 of 20 from gallery of Birchgrove House / Nobbs Radford Architects. Photograph by Murray Fredericks

mid century modern remodel deforest architects

Lakewood Mid-Century by DeForest Architects great wood ceiling and midcentury styling

OOOOX | OSICE - kitchen and dinning room with floating table

Stunning Floating Table in a modern open plan living room. This table is the focal point. Select one and don't let anything else rule it, your guests will love you for it.

f6d36d967cb933327387e729506389e2.jpg 483 × 672 bildepunkter

Minimal interior with an extra long bespoke kitchen island and built-in storage by AD Architecture _

#22, Virtuve "modern"stilā

In the second loft home, luxury and sleek modernism take the place of the quirky elements in the first home. This design comes from the Italy-based team of Arrital Cucine.