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wool dresses, femine short curled hairstyle - i pinned it because i like the way they used wool to make a nice looking dresses

Superb Photo!

Susan Peters, Oscar nominated for Random Harvest. Photo: Howie Cohen's Everything Bicycles/Hollywood Rides a Bike

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Vintage Fashion: super cute light teal dress with bow and accented with white accessories.

Welcome to the Thirties

This is the chic style that was presented in the as ladies rode on their bicycles in style! The loose curls in their hair were common at the time, as well as the headbands.


I own this dress. the best thing about it is that it has bits of gold in it that you can not see in this photo. Sadly it’s at least 7 sizes too small :( “ Girl, ”

Vogue 1950

What Women are missing these days… and don’t even know