I love buffcoats.

Buff Coat Date: century Culture: European Medium: Leather, string laces Dimensions: L. cm) Classification: Costumes-Buff Coat Credit Line: Bashford Dean Memorial Collection, Funds from various donors, 1929 Accession Number:

Coat, 1630-40, leather (British) Metropolitan Museum

Coat Date: Culture: British Medium: leather Dimensions: Length at CB: 28 in. cm) Credit Line: Gift of Mary Alice Dykman Dean (Mrs.

Fairfax's armoured 'harquebusier'.

Curator about & about: The Buff Coat of Sir Thomas Fairfax in York Castle Museum

Buff coats, one of the most iconic items of fashion. This one, from York Castle Museum, belonged to Sir Thomas Fairfax and the style suggests it's from

Buff Coat .Date: 1630–40 Culture: British Medium: leather. Dimensions: Length at CB: 28 1/2 in. (72.4 cm) Credit Line: Gift of Mary Alice Dykman Dean (Mrs. Bashford Dean), 1950

Leather buff coat, commonly worn as light armor as full or half plate was waning in usage.

Spanish Musketeer, 1604. - OSW: One Sixth Warrior Forum

Spanish Musketeer , Siege of Ostend, 1604 : One of the Musketeers from the Spanish Army of Flanders , which dominated warfare in Europe roughly betwee

A buddcoat and some baldricks. Buff oats are a great LARP alternative for armour as they are comfortable.

Buff coats and Baldricks - Information about buff-coats and baldricks suitable for History: English Civil Wars.